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Hello, I'm Christian

Technology, Basketball, a whole lot of work travel.

From There to Here

Hey look! That’s me. 6 years old, and 1991 in full effect: A mullet, missing front teeth, and some kickin’ LA Lights that you can’t see off camera. I’ve been into technology and computers my entire life, even though the best way to describe my childhood was “dead flat broke.”The first computers I used were in the school’s computer labs, but the first computer that I ever owned was a Tandy 1000, given to me in 1995 by the kind Manager of the Apartment Complex where my Mom, Sister and I lived. It came with MS-DOS, Deskmate, and a whole bunch of floppy disks, one of which included a compiler for GWBASIC, along with a massive yellow-covered book with about 1200 pages of code to directly enter into the console. I barely knew what I was doing, but figured out how to code and play games like Checkers, Reversi, and a half implemented Chess that never got finished (Too many typos, not enough time to debug).

A few years passed, and I was gifted another computer by a fellow neighbor: A rockin’ Pentium-133 all-in-one PC that not only came with a 33.6 modem, but also 32mb of RAM, and a MASSIVE 2gb hard drive. This was the winter of 1998, and by the following Summer, not only had I discovered the Internet, but I also figured out how to download music for free, and found communities online that I could join! We wrote terrible fan-fiction, opined about politics, and found our identities online. One day, the forum we all were on went offline, and the community was disconnected. A friend I knew from the forum and I teamed up to implement the forum ourselves Discus, from Discusware which led us down the deep dark path of Apache, Perl, CGI, and tweaking the implementation to our liking. We ran this for several months off of any free hosting site that we could find until it eventually faded away.

A few more years pass, and now it’s 2002. I’ve dropped out of high school at this point, playing entirely too much Counter Strike 1.4 on the first PC I ever built with my own money: A Pentium 866 with 320gb of Hard Disk, and 384mb of RAM, and an integrated video chip that stuttered all the time. I ran that PC into the ground downloading all the music I could get my hands on, and playing as many PC games as I could.

For awhile after that, I took a break from technology as I moved out on my own, and didn’t have a whole lof of time to think about the nuts and bolts of what was going underneath the screen. But fast forward to 2010, and I get my first real salaried job: Tier 1 support for a company developing software for Traders and Brokers. I knew nothing about Futures and Options, or the Stock Market in general, but I definitely wanted a salary and they took a chance on my skill set. I dived in learning everything I could: Bash, SQL, Python, PHP, and even a little Javascript here and there. I eventually became the point person for one piece of our software, which was deploying Apache Tomcat applications that automated installation of our trading software for brokers, so all they had to do was one-click a hyperlink. I was pretty proud of that!

A couple more job moves later, and here I am. Currently I work at AWS as a Developer Advocate for the Developer Tools suite of Products. I am super interested in helping developers write better code,deliver faster, and bridging the education ga in our industry. I love speaking on topics around Developer Productivity, building cultures of trust and inclusion in organizations, and spend tons of time just tinkering with new technologies.